Office Work


I am excited to be writing this letter to express interest in a position as a teacher within the Mesa Public Schools District. I have worked for this district in different capacities over the last five years and have loved every minute. Upon completing my student teaching and receiving my diploma in December of 2017, I immediately obtained a full-time teaching position. I cannot imagine working anywhere besides Mesa Public Schools.

The main reason Mesa is such an appealing district is that the “Pathways to Excellence” closely align with my core values. I am passionate about working to ensure students reach their potential and are prepared to succeed in the future. I appreciate the diversity within the Mesa Public School district. I love that the district offers a variety of programs to serve students with every learning style, ability level, and interest in a way that supports their individual achievement. As a life-long learner, I also appreciate the professional development courses the district offers. I voluntarily attended six courses while working in the district and found them to be invaluable to my professional growth.

I am confident that I will be an excellent addition to your teaching staff because:

I am Innovative. I believe in developing new strategies and continually assessing current methods to present the best lesson possible. I collaborate with others to find new ways to deliver standards. I integrate new technology into the classroom to provide students with the skills needed to succeed in a 21st century world.

I am Creative. I thrive on lessons that engage students through the use of a variety of materials, visual elements, hands-on activities, and teaching strategies. I reflect on lessons and look for ways to continually improve them. I create worksheets, websites, videos, and materials to supplement my lessons.

I am Organized. I fully prepare all materials prior to the start of each class. I utilize Synergy Gradebook to ensure grades are reported in timely manner. I closely follow school calendars and deadlines and pride myself on punctuality.

In conclusion, I know that I will be an excellent asset to your team. My ability to quickly adapt to the job requirements, my enthusiasm for teaching, and my passion for this district will allow me to thrive as a teacher. I am driven to develop my skills continually and to encourage a growth mindset in all students. I sincerely look forward to teaching at your school!